Friday, May 30, 2008

Triangle Tweetup

Last night, I went to the second Triangle Tweetup, which was held at Capstrat, in Raleigh. I missed the first one, so I was extremely excited about going to the second one. I had a great time and met people with whom I'd communicated only via Twitter over the last few months. I also enjoyed talking with several people that I'd never talked to before at all, but now I'll continue to stay in touch with them on Twitter. Since over fifty people attended the event, there were several people that I recognized and would have liked to have met but never got a chance to. I got the impression that this was true for a lot of people.

@waynesutton did a fantastic job organizing this and rounding us all up. Several people showed us very interesting demos, such as @jazzychad on Twitter Movie Reviews and @critter on Seesmic. You can see my brief and somewhat awkward movie that I made of the room during one of the demos. After the more formal portion of the evening, @tarheelevan gave us a tour of the Capstrat facilities, which were very cool. One of the wildest things was a portrait of Einstein composed entirely of post-it notes in one of their conference rooms.

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