Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Barbecue Joint

I'm paying too much attention to the election live blogging and ustream on MyNC.com and OrangePolitcs.org so I'll keep this short.

I recently had an excellent duck confit salad for lunch at the Barbecue Joint, in Chapel Hill. In addition to the duck, it had greens, goat cheese, pecans and dried apricots.

If you've never been to the Barbecue Joint before, I highly recommend it. It's an extremely casual restaurant, with gourmet southern cooking and barbecue. They win the Glob award for the best cornbread I've eaten in the Triangle or perhaps the best non-homemade cornbread anywhere. It's southern cornbread, which means that it's not sweet at all. Sweet yankee cornbread is inedible, in my opinion. Be sure to try their pickled cucumbers, too!


  1. Mmm, Barbecue Joint. BTW -- why don't you weigh, oh, 450 lbs. or so? Just curious.

    Here's a Barbecue Joint blog at the AP:

  2. I think rapid typing must burn a lot of calories. ;) I also think the secret is eating small portions, sharing the desserts and taking home lots of leftovers.