Friday, January 02, 2004


I'm starting to feel tired. This is a very good sign. On Monday morning, I need to be able to cheerfully get up at 6:30am and think coherrent thoughts a couple hours later. For the past couple of weeks I've been getting up around 10am. Somehow I don't think the adjustment back to normal schedule is going to be graceful.

Late this afternoon, I was getting into my van with my dad, ready to head off to Circuit City to look at some gadgets (cell phones and TVs). We were then going to pick up some sushi takeout and bring it back. Suddenly, my phone beeped, indicating that I had voice mail. Friends of mine were calliing up to invite me to go to have sushi at the very same place, Kurama! That was difficult to pass up, so I didn't. I felt bad about ditching my parents completely, but I really enjoy my friends' company. I've spent a lot of time with my parents while I've been on vacation, too.

Sushi was great. We had a lobster salad roll, which I'd never had before. We also had wizard rolls (crab and eel wrapped with rice and avacado), a crunchy shrimp roll, mackerel, salmon and eel. I was extremely hungry, because I'd only had a 10 oz smoothie for lunch. Kurama is my favorite sushi place, so far.

Speaking of smoothies, I heartily recommend Stoneyfield yogurt smoothies. Warning, they are addictive. I am particularly fond of the Wild Berry flavor, but Peach and Raspberry are wonderful, too. It's a great way to eat something healthy and yogurtlike in an efficient way. They are high in fiber, too. They have about 250 calories, so you can go overboard, but if you want to replace a meal (like dessert or lunch) it's perfect.

So after sushi, we went to Francesca's. I had peppermint ice cream, my favorite flavor. All in all, it was a very good day, although not particularly productive. That's what vacation is all about!

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