Saturday, January 31, 2004

Lots of shingles

As I drove out this morning, I noticed that there were people working on the roof of my new house. There were these strange brown strips at various intervals, halfway up the side of the roof. Odd. The shingles were supposed to be light gray and I didn't think they nailed them in strips like that. I was in a small bit of a hurry, so I kept on driving.

I met JJ, JA and several of their friends (and mine) at their new old house. It was quite exciting to see what they've gotten themselves into! It looks as if it's going to be pretty awesome, indeed, once the renovations are finished. We had burritos from the Cosmic Cantina. They are so good and so big. I hadn't had them in years. After the grand tour, we went to Blue Coffee on Ninth Street. I, as always, had my cafe mocha, decaf, with skim. Blue has a nice casual atmosphere and excellent coffee. They have a large blue striped canopy in front of the shop, which, as I recall, used to be a sporting goods store. JJ didn't know what the brown strips were, either.

When I drove home, there were shingles (grey) covering the whole side of the roof! I really like the way it looks, which is a Good Thing. It turns out that the funny strips were actually bales of shingles, wrapped in paper. I was truly shocked at how much they had accomplished, given that I was only gone about four and a half hours.

I watched most of a very good Duke basketball game, against Georgia Tech.

On Orkut, today, I was looking at the Indian Food forum and someone recommended the World Merchants spice company, based in Seattle. They have all kinds of neat spices and teas, which looks very intriguing.

Finally, I watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, on pay per view. It was certainly entertaining and enjoyable, but it wasn't earth shattering.

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