Monday, January 26, 2004

Ice and Election Stuff

Today has been a day for repeatedly checking the radar on the WRAL weather page and checking up on the National Weather Service. We were supposed to have freezing rain today, but it went south of us. We still may get more tonight, though. Since it didn't get above freezing, nothing melted today. All of the area schools are closed again, including Duke. My dad will be spared from our concern, once again. Last I heard, IBM will make its decision at 5am, tomorrow morning. I wonder how many people will get up that early just to find out. Hmm! Either way, I will be working from home tomorrow. Even today, I responded to some work related e-mail and IM queries and started reading a book that I need to read. Unfortunately, even if the facilities are closed, the need to work doesn't take a vacation. Deadlines rarely slip on ice.

On the news tonight, I saw that McCain is actually supporting Bush and going around in the Bush bus, campaigning for him. That's just sad. Also, RP pointed out to me that you can actually contribute $5 to $200 to the presidential campaigns on Amazon, which is pretty cool. Last time I checked, Kerry was in the lead, followed by Clark, Dean and Edwards.

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