Wednesday, January 21, 2004

It's all about food.

Last night, I decided to introduce JJ and JA to RR. It's always interesting introducing friends to each other, but I certainly had a great time! Considering that we were there for two and a half hours, I think everyone else did, too. We enjoyed a lot of good food at Pao Lim's Asian Bistro, in Durham. It's a pan Asian restaurant, located in a remodeled McDonald's building. We shared a sampler appetizer platter and fresh mint rolls. I had the honey walnut shrimp, which I'd sampled before, when other people had ordered it, but I'm very glad that I ordered it this time. Before you start wondering, no, I have not approached people at neighboring tables and asked to try their honey walnut shrimp. I have considered doing that for other dishes, though.

Several of us finished it all off with a serving of coconut ice cream. Several times in the past, I've had their coconut sorbet, which was out of this world, but they've unfortunately taken it off the menu. If I can't have the sorbet, the ice cream is a good substitute, but I truly wish they would bring back the sorbet. I do think that coconut ice cream may be in 2nd place, under peppermint, in my list of favorite ice creams.

I'm still persevering in my goal to only eat seafood and veggies. It still feels awkward, though, especially when sharing a mixed batch of appetizers. Sharing, in general, seems more difficult. I don't want people to change what they order, just to accommodate my chosen eating habits. Fortunately, still eating seafood makes it a lot easier than it could be. RR also pointed out that animals used for kosher meat have strict specifications of what they can and cannot be fed, as well as how they are killed. One would think that the same would be true for halal meat, but this Islamic pro-vegetarian site(with a PETA slant), suggests it's not.

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