Sunday, January 25, 2004

Let it snow....and sleet quite a bit.

When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and it looked as if it were snowing. When I actually put on my glasses, it saw that we already had quite a bit of snow on the ground. A fine powder fell all day long, which turned to sleet about 5pm or so. About an hour ago, it was sleeting extremely hard. The 1st shift at IBM is cancelled tomorrow, so I don't have to go into work, but I should definitely do some reading. Duke cancelled its classes for tomorrow, which is almost unheard of. We should get more precipitation tomorrow and have a full-fledged ice storm, so the weather conditions should only get worse. It's nice to have a another day at home, but it does mean that they can't do anything more on my house until it clears up.

I spent much of the day replying to e-mail and playing with Orkut. They've actually taken it down, temporarily, to implement a few bug fixes. It's amazing how quickly one can get addicted to something like that. I sent out several invitations and I hope this outage doesn't inconvenience anyone. I think the very fact that I sent out any invitations at all is a testament to my opinion of Orkut, because I've always felt uncomfortable with the idea of inviting people to Friendster or any similar website. Of course, I don't like forwarding jokes in e-mail either.

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