Tuesday, January 06, 2004

One Can Never Have Enough Kheer

I'm starting to get back into the rhythm of being back at work again. Hopefully this blog won't be dull considering that I can't really write about most of what I do all day. I'm sure I can blather on, regardless.

For lunch, I went to the India Garden at Cary Towne Center. I think I've been there approximately six times and it's consistently good. They have a buffet at lunch, with a combination of meat (primarily chicken) and vegetarian selections. The food is mild, but very flavorful. I really like their kheer, which is on the thick side and redolent with cardamom. Given enough time, I could eat way too much there, but, fortunately, my friend (Owner of No Pets) and I are usually rushing back to work.

I'm using my mother's laptop to write tonight, because I left my laptop at work. It just feels wrong. I spent most of vacation using my laptop and I'm familiar not only with the feel of my keyboard and the location of the mouse buttons, but my bookmarks, the background, installed software and various other little things. I suppose I'll get used to this one, unless I want to lug the heavy one home on weeknights. It's too bad I don't want to spend the money right now on something nice and cute to leave at home. Building a new home really puts on a cramp on a gadget lover's style, but it's worth it!

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