Friday, January 09, 2004


It snowed about one to two inches here today, so I slept late and worked from home. Now that we have DSL, thanks again to my brother, it's actually possible to be productive and stay home. Not being able to work well from home is something that has tormented me ever since I started working in 2000. It's still somewhat difficult, in that it's harder to work if you've got a dog's head in between you and the laptop's screen. There are a lot of other distractions here, but many aren't too much worse than conversations that normally emanate from neighboring offices, friendly co-workers or meetings.

I haven't heard anything about the van. I'll probably have to call the Chevy dealer tomorrow.

I found out tonight that this blog has another regular reader. This one is actually outside my immediate family! She made an excellent recommendation and that was to refer to people by their first initial. I will probably start doing that in the next post that mentions people, but I will use my old convention one more time. Thanks, Owner of NMI!

Everything was beautiful after the snow with white powder collecting on the tops of all the branches. The pond was nice and glassy today, reflecting the winter's elegance. It's supposed to get really cold this weekend, though, so we will continue to board Shadow at the vet's. He's recovering from having a fibroid tumor removed, so we didn't think he should be outside, even in his heated bed on the porch, when it goes down to 9F tomorrow night. Actually, I've just been watching Nova episodes on Antarctica and that's starting to sound pretty warm.

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