Wednesday, January 28, 2004

At least it was sunny!

Orkut is back! That's really exciting.

This morning, my dad stubbornly wanted to go into work, because classes weren't cancelled at Duke today. Well, he got past the pond, slid into the pampas grass and got stuck. Not long after he got out of the car, he fell flat. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt, but he easily could have been. One of our neighbors got his tractor and pulled my dad's car all the way to the road. Our driveway is 1/5 of a mile from our house to the main road, so it was quite a distance. He had to pull the car because the ice was so hard that he couldn't plough it when he got to the pavement. Needless to say, after all this, I decided to work from home again, even though IBM's 1st shift was only delayed until 10am.
Tomorrow, the high is supposed to be 49 F, so maybe I can get out of here, eventually. It was clear and sunny all today, such that it even felt hot, sitting next to the windows during the afternoon.

Once my dad got to campus, he found that none of the streets or sidewalks had been ploughed. I wonder why they weren't able to clear some of the snow, since they were closed for two days? I remember during the big snow of 2000 when so many people got hurt, trying to get to class. I hope everyone was able to get to their classes safely today.

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