Friday, January 30, 2004

Cluttered Entertainment

I finally made it into work this morning! It was nice getting out of the house and into the quasi-real world. The most snow covered area was, by far, our driveway. Everything else was fine.

It seemed as if it were a productive day. I even made my desk look somewhat organized, by recycling old papers and straightening up the stacks of remaining ones. Of course, the pile of toys and my huge candy area will continue to contribute to the cluttered look, but that's ok. I collected many of the toys at the career fairs at Duke. It's amazing how popular they are, but I don't know what people would fiddle with, if they weren't available. At the very least, my co-workers would probably be a lot more stressed. Maybe they're just getting overly hyper from all the candy they're eating while talking to me.

I spent much of the evening using Orkut. It seems as if its growth might be getting somewhat less explosive, but it may just be getting harder to get a real sense of it. Even one of my old professors is on it now and I had no idea my brother was so popular. As I go on about how wonderful it is, I should say that if anyone would like an invitation, please let me know. It is wild how people are so easily entertained. Every time I see someone that says that they have been playing the ESP game for some ungodly number of hours, I have to wonder, despite the fact that it is oddly addictive.

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