Monday, April 14, 2008

Shade Tree Coffee - I Want Crepes!

I've been excited about the prospect of crepes at Shade Tree Coffee for months, but I hadn't gotten over there to check them out. Carpe Durham reviewed them not too long ago and that made me even more eager. Now that I've seen their expanded menu I just can't wait. I was there on Saturday night, around 8pm, and they serve their crepes between 9am and 7pm, Monday through Saturday. I'd missed the window, but I was also full from pizza anyway. Soon they will start serving Sunday brunch and that will be truly awesome.

Yes, I know that I often make crepe pancakes at home, but I don't make savory buckwheat pancakes and I don't keep all the sweet fillings on hand. It's just different.

Shade Tree Coffee just has the nicest of atmosphere of any coffee shop I've ever been in. Granted, I haven't been to that many, but I just have such a pleasant feeling when I go in there. Part of it is that the owners are extremely nice and always make sure we're happy if they happen to be around and they've always been talented at hiring competent and pleasant staff. I've always liked the way the cafe was decorated as well as the rotating art exhibits. Another nice aspect is the coffee itself, because it's just so good. I had a decaf skim mocha latte and I'd forgotten just how delicious they are. Of course, I also have lots of fond memories of laughter and card games, too.

To have all those things and crepes, too, is pretty spiffy, indeed.


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Wow - this sounds great. I haven't had a good crepe in a long time, and now want to go there ASAP.

    Their espresso is about the best I've had around here, and I love that they serve it in real china, with the decorative milk/coffee swirl.

    I find myself not going there often, though, because it's kind of out of the way for me. I'll need to make a better effort, especially now that I know they have crepes and serve beer/wine.

  2. Shade Tree is far-and-away the best place to go for coffee in the West Campus area, possibly in Durham (I don't have deep experience elsewhere..).

    Their crepes are good, but not great. tilos has a Gruyere crepe (and I a roast chicken) the other day and they were certainly good brekkie food, but not up to what we were looking for originally (Alivia's yummy croissant breakfast sandwiches.. OTOH, WHY WERE YOU CLOSED AT 9 ON A MONDAY ALIVIA'S?!!!)

    If you get crepes, I recommend talking the the crepe preparer (who is not a barista) and asking for recommendations and suggest getting some of the sauces; otherwise the fillings can be a bit dry.

    YMMV--I'm clearly just another white guy ordering crepes.. but I have been to France and Morocco and ordered crepes there..

  3. Valerie9:16 PM

    Oh, thank you thank you! And thanks for posting a pic of the fillings menu. I need the extra time to decide what I'll have!