Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Splendor for Reunion Weekend

This weekend is Reunion Weekened at Duke and there were loads of alums wandering around campus yesterday. I was eating a Pauly Dog for lunch and saw this bunch of balloons soar into the sky. I tried not to think of it as a future meal for wildlife and just grabbed my camera. Does anyone else remember in elementary school the big balloon launches that we used to have to see how far such bunches would go? I'm guessing they don't do that anymore.

I was thinking that the campus looked mighty fine with all the spring growth and flowers blooming. This is Hyacinthoides hispanica.
I love how beautiful and green the new leaves look. This is Kilgo Quad. The Academic Quad was full of giant white tents.
I thought the contrast of the chartreuse leaves with the bark was particularly nice.
The Dianthus was doing it's thing in front of the Divinity School.
If there were any alums coming back for their 80th reunion, they might remember the completion of the Perkins Library building in 1928. I really just liked the lighting at the moment I took this picture, though.

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