Friday, April 18, 2008

Shade Tree Coffee : Crepes!

I finally got my wish and managed to get over to Shade Tree Coffee to try their crepes. I highly recommend wishes that are exclusively food related. Here is what my Most Faithful Reader's crepe looked like. It was filled with roasted chicken and provolone. It was very good and the chicken was extremely tender.

This was my Second Most Faithful Reader's crepe, revealing the ham and provolone contents. This was great, too. I had spinach and artichoke hearts with gruyere in mine and it was wonderful. Since it was lighter, I was able help myself to samples of my FR's crepes. All of our crepes also contained the parmesan bechamel sauce.

Finally, we shared a dessert crepe, which was quite a finale. I picked the sugar, butter and cinnamon filling and it was just amazing.

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