Tuesday, April 08, 2008

LU Pim's Cookies

Back in the good old days, on Sunday, back when I thought that this dreadful cold was merely allergies, I saw that Kroger carried LU Pim's Cookies. I was very excited, because a friend gave me a food gift basket for Christmas and the cookies were my favorite. According to the box, it's "France's No. 1 biscuit brand." They are made in Belgium. It's great that Kroger has them for only $2.79 or 23 cents per cookie.
They have a spongey cookie on the bottom, a layer of fruit jelly and a layer of dark chocolate on top. I've never been fond of crunchy cookies, even before they started being hard on my teeth, because with every bite, I'd get a chill down my spine similar to a shovel's scraping concrete (or chalk on a blackboard for some of you). These have orange jelly in them and are very good, but not as good as...
...raspberry! This is what came in my gift basket and I think they have an edge over the orange, if you like raspberries. According to the box, they also come in "orchard pear", but they aren't listed on their website and they have chocolate mousse instead. In Canada, they have cherry instead of chocolate.

Since I'm still sick and I haven't been going out to eat or doing anything else interesting, you may soon get to hear about my favorite Rubbermaid spatula or my distaste for dust bunnies. Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Eat another Pim's--for medicinal purposes! And get well soon. Then you'll be better than us sniffling allergy sufferers. --Lisa S.

  2. Rubbermaid? But I just met her...

  3. Valerie5:03 AM

    I think this is the same brand we had last week of the cookies covered in chocolate with little boys stamped on them. Le Petit {french word for boy} or something like that. They were at Harris Teeter.

  4. Anonymous10:44 PM

    pear pims are positively perplexing on the palette