Sunday, April 06, 2008

Vin Rouge

It may surprise some readers that one of my most frequent dining destinations is Vin Rouge, particularly on Friday nights after an hour or so of playing music. The thing that's most surprising about it is that I haven't written much about it, despite the wonderful meals that I've had there. I've taken many pictures, but I tend to get distracted by the next meal and then never get back to it. Friday night's entree was so good that I couldn't possibly forget.

I had been craving duck all day and suggested that we go to Vin Rouge so I could have the their lovely duck confit salad. I'm not usually the one to request that we go there, because my steak-loving friends usually beat me to it. I wouldn't generally recommend Vin Rouge to vegetarians, because there are so few options that would work for even those who eat seafood.
Once I got there, our waiter tempted me with a duck breast special, served over sauerkraut, potatoes, cubed bacon and onions, with an apple cider sauce. It was so good that I had a hard time saving myself some for the next day's lunch, despite the possibility of my bursting.

The last time I was there, a couple of weeks ago, I chose a much lighter meal of mussels steamed in a flavorful broth, which were very good. In the distance, you can see the oysters gratinee appetizer, which we get every single time we visit. If I recall correctly, there are seven oysters baked in gruyere with leeks, bacon and a few mushrooms. It's heavenly and I often don't even pick out the mushrooms. I thought I'd taken a photo of just this dish, but I couldn't find it and will have to rectify this for my collection.
The night I feasted on mussels, I also ordered their fries, which are great. I've also ordered them with salads, but I can never come anywhere close to putting a dent in them. The last couple of times I've ordered a side of bernaise sauce, which is, of course, a far better condiment than ketchup.

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