Sunday, August 31, 2008

ACME Blogging: More Pie Please

We were back at ACME Food & Beverage Co. tonight. My 2nd Most Faithful Reader tried the grilled local pork sausage with with heirloom tomatoes, fennel, garlic and sweet pepper sauce over pappardelle pasta. It disappeared quickly.

I had a special duck breast salad with spinach, pears, blueberries and walnuts, with a creamy dressing. Not only did it have tender slices of breast meat on top, but there were pieces of meat throughout the whole salad. It was really good and I'm looking forward to having the rest for lunch tomorrow. I might have been able to eat all of it, but I wanted to save room for dessert.

Due to last Sunday's territorial pie dispute, we each got our own slice of the chocolate bourbon pecan pie so none of us had to share. We usually share a single dessert, or at most two, so this was quite a workout in itself.

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