Monday, August 11, 2008

ACME Blogging : Duck!

Last night, I went to ACME Food & Beverage Co. with the MFRs again. My 2nd Most Faithful Reader ordered the pork with plum-ginger sauce, jasmine rice and bok choy. He seemed to enjoy it a great deal. Note that there's a fresh fig on top of the meat.

I had the duck breast with cornbread, figs and greens. It was so good. I've loved duck for as long as I can remember. Given that I'm already senile, that must mean at least ten years or so. The cornbread wasn't sweet, so that was lovely. The duck was characteristically tender and was delicious combined with the sweet figs. The greens were somewhat salty, making the entire meal very balanced in the range of flavors.

My Most Faithful Reader ordered the banana pudding, which contained Grand Marinier. The whipped cream, while a grand vehicle for the mint leaf, was unnecessary with the meringue. She had ordered the crab cakes for her main meal.

My 2nd MFR and I shared a wonderful trio of sorbets, blackberry, sprite melon and mint. It was served with a pecan cookie. I liked the sprite melon and the blackberry the best. I am always excited when restaurants offer a nice light dessert like this or any dessert that melts, for that matter, making it easier to eat after a heavy meal. Sorbets are comparatively easy to make, so I'm surprised they aren't more common.

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