Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thai Cafe

Sometimes when I search my blog posts for a restaurant that I go to regularly, it shocks me to find that I haven't written about it at all in over a year. Thai Cafe is such a restaurant. I go there quite often, because their food is so consistently good. I do, however, tend to order the same things over and over. I get the Thai Cafe Baskets, which are pastry shells filled with shrimp, chicken and corn. They are served with a tangy honey sauce, containing chopped peanuts and cucumbers.

I usually combine them with another appetizer. Tonight I got their fresh basil rolls, which are excellent. I often get their coconut soup with shrimp or pot stickers, which are soft, yet crispy, and served with a spicy-sweet coconut curry sauce. Now and then, I'll choose either pad thai or chicken massaman, which is wonderful and is what my 2nd Most Faithful Reader orders every single time. My Most Faithful Reader always gets the shrimp tempura and I steal at least one piece of broccoli, which she gives up without incident.

One of the reasons I like going there is that you can see most of the restaurant from wherever you sit and can often see if people you know are there. Plus, that makes random people-watching even easier. Tonight it was entertaining when one baby screamed on one side of the restaurant and another baby attempted to duplicate the scream on the other side. Normally I don't find loud baby shrieks entertaining, but this was exceptionally amusing to me.

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