Friday, August 01, 2008

Blu Blogging: Shellfish Bake II

We had such a good time at the end of June, the last time we went to Blu Seafood and Bar's shellfish bake that we decided to go again Wednesday night. It was so delicious and I hope they have many more of them.
They had a special dessert that was wonderful. It was a napoleon with layers of blackberry compote, lemon creme and crispy pieces of pastry. It was light and refreshing, which is what I'm usually looking for in a dessert. My Most Faithful Reader thought it looked like a Chinese pagoda, so she was calling it the Pagodapolean. Thanks so much to DC and PC for buying this for us! That was a very nice surprise.

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  1. One of my favorite foods of all time (top 5 at least) is the Boston Boil.. My eyes nearly jumped out of their socket when I saw that picture..

    I hope they have one of these again soon.