Monday, August 25, 2008

Six Plates Blogging: From Sorbet to Sunset

Friday night, a friend of mine and I went to Six Plates Wine Bar and enjoyed a lovely meal outside. We ordered the spicy tuna tartar wontons, with cilantro aioli. The wontons were nice and crispy, but not too crispy for me, which was great.

As always, we had to share a cheese plate. The Bleuet was delicious bleu and was served with fresh figs. The Buche Noir was a nice goat cheese. The Irish port cheddar was probably my favorite, despite my fondness for bleu and goat cheeses. It was just gorgeous as well as flavorful and was fantastic paired with the honeycomb.

We started off dessert with French press decaf coffee, which was absolutely delicious. We probably would have had enough with one press for the two of us, but we still drank all of it.

We each had a "flight of gelato". I chose passionfruit sorbet, thai basil gelato and watermelon sorbet. The passionfruit was simply amazing and I would love to get a whole gallon of it. The watermelon was very good and I still love the thai basil. In the photo, you can see the chocolate, which was apparently also excellent.

The outdoor seating area outside Six Plates is also a wonderful place to watch a sunset.


  1. I went there the other night for the first time and had the whole wheat shrimp tempura. It was very good. I didn't realize they had outdoor seating. Not sure how I missed that except that it was dark and I wasn't really paying attention. I so wanted the cheese plate, your post is making me regret not ordering it. (Oh, and PS, your blog is featured in tomorrow's @30threads video).

  2. We ate there a few weeks back and I also loved the thai basil gelato (hubby enjoyed the chocolate). The only downside is that they were out of the lamby joes for some reason and that was the one thing we really wanted to try! I'll have to order the cheese plate next time, looks yummy.