Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taverna Nikos Blogging: Specials and Menu Exploration

I've visited Taverna Nikos several times in the last few weeks. My 2nd Most Faithful Reader had this chicken and shrimp special, which looked delicious and he seemed very happy with it.

I've shown all of you photos of the Niko's Salad before, but this one was particularly marvelous. As you will recall, it's the same as the Village Salad from the original menu. I love the anchovies (optional), cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes and the wonderful vinaigrette dressing. Now I even like the olives, which is bizarre to me.

Over a week ago, I tried their sliced pork loin appetizer. The tender pieces of meat are in a lightly spicy tomato, almost barbecue-like, sauce. I liked it, but the sauce is fairly strong, so it might be good to have a salad with this, if you can each that much.

A couple of weeks ago, they had an excellent salmon special, which my Most Faithful Reader recalls having "some sort of nice sauce". I really should start writing these things down, but she does remember it fondly.

That night, I had a bowl of the avgolemeno soup, which is a lemony chicken soup. Taverna Niko's version is fairly thick and hearty. My MFRs brought some home to me once when I was sick and it had nice restorative powers, indeed. If you like lemon, I'm betting you will like this as much as I do.
I also had their eggplant dip. I don't know if it qualifies as baba ghannoush, since it had cheese and peppers mixed in, and I don't know how much that dish varies, but I enjoyed this quite a bit.

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  1. God, I love avgolemono! But I'm spoiled rotten, because my mom's is so good that I never order it out. Hmmm, might need to try this one though. And I don't care that it's 11 pm, I want that salad *right now*!