Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blu Blogging with Swivel

On Monday, I was very fortunate to get to spend time with my friends from I suggested that we go to Blu Seafood & Bar, since one of the Swivelers, HB, had read about the restaurant in my blog already. It was, of course, a very good choice. HB did a great job of helping me stage the food for the photos, too.
Here is Blu's updated calamari. It has a little more of a kick to it, now that they've added more spices and the new dipping sauce is nice and tangy. I liked their calamari before, but I think it's even better now.
This was a special appetizer, which was tuna that was seared and rolled in cardamom and fennel. It was really good.
We shared a bowl of their New England clam chowder. It, like everything else, was delicious. I'm definitely going to be ordering this again soon.
Their crabcakes were absolutely wonderful.
I was very excited to see that they now have fried oysters on the menu. They server them in this cute tower over a pool of horseradish cream sauce. I don't know how many thousands of friend oysters I've eaten in my life, but these were some of the best.
For my entree, I had the pan roasted trout with mango-pecan brown butter, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans. I have been known to eat trout on a weekly basis for over a year, so, like oysters, I've eaten a lot of trout. This dish was incredible. After all the appetizers, I couldn't finish this, so I took it home. The leftovers smelled so good as I was putting them away that I almost started eating them again. I saved it for the lunch the next day and happily ate it cold. I don't even normally like sweet potatoes and I really enjoyed them. The sweet potatoes were delicious combined with mango pieces, in particular.
This is one half portion of salmon with cauliflower-chevre puree with roasted root vegetables. I had a bite of the salmon and liked it quite a bit. We also shared mussels and VP and I shared a piece of the key-lime pie. It was definitely quite a meal with great conversation, too. Blu is nice in that it's quiet enough, at least on a weeknight, to both talk and listen.

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