Sunday, November 18, 2007

You Can Read What I Read

This afternoon I added a new widget to the left side of the blog that displays posts from blogs that I read regularly. I looked all over the place for something that would do this and tried out various things, none of which behaved in the way I wanted. One flash based module was slow to load and had a glimmering button. One thing this blog will never have is animation, because that would distract way too much from the scintillating text. I finally noticed that there was a button on the very Google Reader settings page I'd had open for most of the afternoon to add a similar widget to the one I already had for Shared Items. That was what I wanted all along.

This doesn't display every single RSS feed to which I subscribe and read on a daily basis, but it's extremely close. I would guess that it's 95% of what I actually read. It also doesn't display everything on my blogroll, because I'm afraid there aren't enough hours in my day to read all of those and blog, too. Some blogs I just read occasionally.

I hope you all enjoy it. Maybe you will discover some nifty blogs this way.

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