Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween on West Club Blvd 2007

Last night I celebrated Halloween with my friends on West Club Boulevard by helping them hand out candy to over 583 kids. Ok, I mostly watched, ate wonderful food and scared a few. I did point some in the right direction when they thought I had custody of the candy. The most adorable little ones had no idea what was going on and had no idea what they were supposed to be doing. The important thing was that their parents seemed to be enjoying it even more than the kids, even when they're older.

Here are a bunch of photographs I took last night. You might even recognize one of the kids that dressed up.


  1. Hi Lenore,
    I read your blog a good bit (by looking at the actual blog Web page, rather than through a reader), and sometimes my son "helps" me. Today he was doing so, and I pointed out your picture at the top of the blog, and reminded him that you're the cool lady at work who has the chair with wheels that he likes so much. He smiled, said "nore", and on we went. He decided he wanted to go "downhill" on the blog (scrolling down), so I let him. We went way way down the page until he got to the Halloween entry, where he found the picture of you. He said "Nore!" "Nore!" and was very happy. I thought that was pretty good recognition for a wee person - you don't look completely unlike yourself, but still pretty different for someone who doesn't know you well!

  2. That's pretty impressive! AN said I looked like a completely different person, so that's definitely cool.