Sunday, November 11, 2007

Casa Ibarra

My most Faithful Reader pointed out recently that I hadn't really mentioned Casa Ibarra with any significance since 2004. I was quite surprised and, of course, had to do the search for myself. By golly, she was right. It's time to do it justice.

Casa Ibarra is one of the restaurants where I eat the most frequently. It's cheap, fast, only about three miles from my house and very good. The quality is extremely consistent and they always have great service. They serve Mexican fare and I prefer it to any of the other non-gourmet Mexican restaurants that I've tried in this area. By non-gourmet, I mean that I am not comparing it to Tonali.
The quality of the shrimp in their dishes is exceptional. They are never over or undercooked, just perfect. If I want shrimp, this is where I usually go. My dad always (and I mean always) orders the Burrito Cancun, which is a large burrito filled with shrimp, onions, peppers, cheese and tomato sauce. I order this, too, whenever I'm really hungry. The shrimp fajitas are also very good, but they are more work to eat, since you have to fill the tortillas yourself. I'm usually too lazy.
For years, I either ordered beef chimichangas or beef fajitas, but in the first half of 2004, when I flirted with pesco-vegetarianism for 6-8 months, I gave them up. I'm glad I did, because I discovered that the vegetarian section of their menu is wonderful. In the picture, you can see Vegetarian #3, which has a cheese quesadilla (my favorite), a bean burrito and a chalupa. I hop back and forth between vegetarian selections. I like the spinach quesadilla with the potato burrito when I feel as if I've already had plenty of protein for the day, but I'm just a big fan of spinach in any form. Sometime I just have my own order of guacamole, with their tortilla chips, as my meal.

My mom always (and I mean always) orders the chicken sincronizada without tomatoes, peppers or rice. That leaves onions, avacado, cheese and chicken. It looks pretty good, but I've never tried it.

I never order dessert there, but you don't need it after eating such a hearty meal. I should probably try the flan again, since it's it's been so long since I've had creme caramel from Pyewacket (RIP). Where do you go to get flan or the equivalent?

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