Saturday, July 24, 2004

Yellow Squash Bread

Today, I made two loaves of yellow squash bread, using a recipe that I found with google.  I looked for yellow squash recipes after EB gave me all the squash a couple weeks ago.  It tastes pretty good and it was pretty easy to make.  It certainly turned out better than when I tried to fry it, at least.  My parents came over this afternoon, sampled the bread and had some tea.

I went out to dinner at Pao Lim's with JJ, JA, EB and MP.  We had some vegetable dumplings and some pork dumplings, too.  The veggie dumplings were actually green and while they were good, I think I actually like Big Bowl's better.   Pao Lim's pork dumplings are excellent, though.  For my entree, I had honey walnut shrimp, which was great, as as always.  I'll be looking forward to my leftovers.  For dessert, I had coconut ice cream again.  It was served with pineapple and that tasted extremely sour in contrast to the ice cream.  Fortunately, going into the dessert, JA agreed to come to my rescue and eat half of my dessert, in addition to his own.  That made it a lot more pleasant.  The best thing was that EB's fortune cookie told her that she believes in the goodness of mankind.  We're going to have to remind her of this at regular intervals.  Afterwards, I was able to give squash bread to everyone!

I've been listening to an on-line compilation of war protest songs, that's supposed to be released as an album later this year.   Some are pretty good.  So far, I've particularly liked "Consquences", by Amy Martin.

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