Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Scrubbing Burned Stuff is not Effortless

I'll have to make this quick, because I need to get my clothes out of the dryer before I go to bed.

On Sunday my parents and I had dinner at ACME. I had a crab, cheese and bacon ravioli appetizer. I neglected to pay attention that it, a special, was an appetizer. Fortunately, this allowed me to ask for a third plate of their wonderful rolls. For dessert, we shared blueberry shortcake with lemon cream. It was good.

Last night I made some black bean soup. Amy's Kitchen brand organic soups are really good. I got home from work pretty late, so there wasn't much more to the evening than that.

Tonight, my mom came over and brought sushi. Afterwards I attempted to use steel wool to clean the frying pan from frying the squash on Friday. Of course, I'd never tried anything of the sort before and it was much more difficult than I had imagined. The pan is now clean.

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