Saturday, September 06, 2008

Vita Blogging: Scampi

Last night, a bunch of friends and I went to Vita again. We thought we'd have our pick of restaurants, given that Hanna was already soaking the area and most people would want to stay home. We ended up having to wait for about 30 minutes at the bar before we got our table. The restaurant was infested with sorority girls and frat boys, who were having dinner parties.

Once we got our table, we had a very pleasant meal. I got shrimp scampi, with angel hair pasta, garlic and herbs. At $14, it's the most expensive item on their menu, which is pretty amazing. The menu didn't say anything about tomatoes, but it had a tomato based sauce, which I believe is kind of unusual for shrimp scampi, so it wasn't what I was expecting. I did enjoy it, though, and they did a nice job cooking the shrimp.

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