Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paperhand Puppet Intervention

This evening I went to see Paperhand Puppet Intervention's performance of "I Am An Insect", which was held at the North Carolina Musuem of Art's 2700 seat open-air theatre. It's a nice venue that I'd never been to before. For most of the wheelchair accessible seating, if the person in a wheelchair brings others along, they need to bring their own chairs. There's one almost pier-like area, where I sat, that has chairs and even a few tables, but also had a thick wire mesh to keep people from leaping off. I kind of liked the notion of having a cage like thing protecting me from the rest of the crowd (or them from me), but it wasn't a clear view.

I really enjoyed it. While some parts were more exciting than others, over all, it was beautifully done. I liked the fact that it could be appreciated on various levels in that I'm sure that the many kids there enjoyed most of it, but the political and environmental commentary provided adults with some thought provoking material as well. For example,there was a solemn, yet elegant, reminder of the concerns of colony collapse disorder. I also found myself wondering how the creationists in the audience were enjoying the show.

Note that I'll have to remember that the flip camera did a much better job of capturing a highlight of the performance, given the action and the dim lighting. Other than the crowd shot, my blurry still photos aren't worth sharing.

New Raleigh has an extremely good review of the this year's performance. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing more exhibits of creativtiy from Paperhand Puppet Intervention during next year's season.

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