Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seeking New Life and New Civilizations

Several people, including Ginny and Jeni, have blogged about work refrigerators in the last few months. Most of them are disgusting or filled to the gills, at best. I've seen my share of new life forms in fridges at various work locations.

I was, therefore, particularly amused when I opened the refrigerator in our quasi-break room this morning. Actually, these types of "conversations" can often be found when opening quite a few doors and cabinets where I work. It's a perk. Note that when we have been able to easily identify life or the formerly alive things in the fridge, we've shut the door quickly and haven't stopped to write. Thanks to SA for helping me get a better shot of this!


  1. Aww that's great! If only we had strings of notes on our decade old food in the work fridge! It would make it all the more entertaining :)

  2. Awesome! That's hilarious. You're lucky to work with some really clever people.

    BTW, we are SO going to Waffle House one of these days. :D

  3. We should post that to

    I keep opening the fridge to see it gone...and it's still THERE!

  4. Quasi-break room? That's about the nicest description I've heard of our "kitchen".

    One could learn a lot about our workplace by reading our various notes. :)