Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blu Blogging: Crab Legs!

Tonight my 2nd Most Faithful Reader and I went out to Blu Seafood and Bar for another Crab Thursday. We started out by each having a bowl of the Dungeness Crab Gazpacho, at the Thursday night price of $6. We split an appetizer special, a crab spring roll with two tempuraed shrimp. Everything was excellent.

It had been an age and a half since I'd had crab legs. I don't even remember where I last ate them, but I remember it seemed as if it were a lot of work at the time. I think that's probably because they were overcooked and it was difficult to remove the meat. Tonight, we both got half a pound, each for just $7.50, and it was superbly cooked, making the crab meat extremely easy to remove. It was delicious and the melted butter wasn't even necessary.

After all that, I was, however, too stuffed to eat dessert, so I'm afraid there will be no Key Lime Pie Blogging tonight.

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  1. Oh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE crab legs... they make me regret being a vegetarian! I see crabs running along the beach, and I just want to catch them and eat them on the spot!! Bah!