Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sushi Love

As soon as I read Carpe Durham's review of Sushi Love, I knew I had to go within the next few hours. We had several rolls, including a rainbow roll, a sunset roll, an oyster roll, a lobster roll, a caterpillar roll and a sweet dragon roll. I don't like spicy mayo and most of their rolls have that, so I asked them to leave that off of all of them. The quality seems very good and I particularly liked the sunset roll, which had fresh salmon covered with thin slices of lemon. It was truly awesome.

The only real objection I have is their current pricing model, which is buy-one-get-one-free sushi, similar to Shiki Sushi. The problem is that I like nigiri the best, but I also like to try a few rolls. If they just take the lowest priced nigiri off the bill, then that means you pay for some potentially overpriced rolls. It only really works out better for customers if they just get rolls or just get nigiri, but I hate being limited that way. Why not just drop the gimmick and have lower prices?

We followed the sushi with an order of fried bananas, which was a giant dessert best suited for four people. I liked it a lot, but I probably liked it more than my two Most Faithful Readers.

Overall, I'm very happy that there seems to be a very good sushi place closer to home and very close to work, but I'll still be annoyed every time I order there.

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