Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Greek Spinach Pizza at Foster's Market

For many years, aside from pizzas that I or my Most Faithful Reader have made, without exception, my favorite pizza has been the Greek Spinach Pizza made by the Foster's Market in Chapel Hill. Unfortunately, they don't make pizzas at their Durham location, which is definitely a shame. It has a crispy thin crust, with feta, tomatoes, red onions, spinach, whole black olives, artichokes, and pepperoncini. It's very light and wonderful. Although the size varies slightly, it's about 12", costs $7.95 and is perfect for picking up and eating at home.

There's a typo on their pizza menu and I assure you that it has pepperoncini and not pepperoni. I wrote to their General Manager with the hope that she will forward it to the right person. I wouldn't want any vegetarians to be steered away from this masterpiece of a pizza.

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