Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! From the looks of things here on the Squirrel Farm, we're off to a promising start. The squirrels look just as happy as they did yesterday and that's very happy, indeed.

As I seem to have made a tradition here on the Glob, I better list a few resolutions. Looking back at last year's resolutions, I only managed to keep one of them and it was the only one that I was certain to fulfill. Based on these results, I feel that it's necessary to emulate corporations that have missed their targets. I must set the bar lower.

  • I will eat out more in 2008.
  • I will buy even more earrings in 2008.
  • I will write at least *5* blog posts in 2008.
Now here is my "stretch goal":
  • I will make more phone calls in 2008. This is actually a serious one. Ever since I can remember (probably starting in my very early teens), I've been almost phobic about making phone calls. Business calls don't seem to count, because I (sub)consciously feel as if I am calling on behalf of my employer. Restaurant reservations don't count, because they are basically scripted and I make them at the same restaurants so often that all I have to do is grunt. If you look at my call history on my cell phone, other than my parents and restaurants, the call I make most frequently is to the Duke Campus Police, to request the disposal of cars parked in my reserved parking space. In the last seven years, I haven't heard the voice of one of my closest friends, other than in YouTube videos, because I never called him back. So, this year, I vow to do something about that. Instant messaging and e-mail just aren't sufficient, because they only provide a small portion of what is needed to effectively communicate.


  1. Funny that, my new year was started with a logistical failure caused by me failing to return a phone call.

    I find business phone calls almost as difficult as personal; hardest is talking to voice mail.

  2. My first job ever was as a telemarketer. I was 16 and I called strangers and sold AT&T long distance. I was peddling 10 cents minute for a small monthly fee. I hated that job, but it totally helped me overcome any fear of talking on the phone. Though, I'm not suggesting you try this.

  3. Unfortunately, I don't think even moonlighting as a telemarketer would help me, but I would certainly consider trying it otherwise! I actually volunteered for the John Kerry campagin PhoneCorps in 2004 and made a *lot* of phone calls to people across the country, trying to get people to volunteer. That didn't help.

    I really only have a problem with personal phone calls, to friends or even trying to rectify a business screw-up that affects me personally. Calls to friends are the worst, which is just so bizarre.