Monday, January 21, 2008

Blu Blogging: Seviche, Duck and Flan

On Friday night, before all of the excitement of the snow and the NC Science Blogging Conference, I went to Blu Seafood & Bar. Blu is one of the few places where I want to explore every (non-beef) thing on their menu and where the excitement of the unknown is more compelling than my getting into my usual restaurant rut. That said, I would probably also be happy eating their shrimp and grits every night of the week.
First I tried their queen conch seviche, which I definitely enjoyed. The conch was very tender and flavorful and the mint and sweet pepper slivers complimented it nicely. This is a good replacement for a small salad if you've given up leafy green vegetables for the new year.
They had a duck confit and sauerkraut special that was excellent. Again, the duck was incredibly tender and juicy. The sauerkraut was mild and very good.
I heard our waitress tell the people at the table next to ours that they had a coconut flan dessert special, but I think my flan-sensitive ears would have picked it up from the next room. It's one of my favorite desserts. One of my pet peeves about flan and creme caramel is that many restaurants introduce air bubbles into it, which ruins the texture. Blu's flan, which was an enormous slice served with whipped cream, was perfectly smooth. I thought it was top notch. I would love to see it with more caramel sauce and some mint leaves on the side. Mint leaves dipped in caramel sauce are really good.

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