Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blu Blogging: Warm Up At Blu

This evening, I went to Blu Seafood and Bar again and had yet another wonderful meal. As always, we enjoyed a combination of fanastic food and service.
I finally had my own bowl of their wonderful clam chowder all to myself. This huge bowl of chowder, full of clams, potatoes and herbs, is a steal at $5 a vat. Hot soup really hit the spot on such a cold night.
They had a special coconut shrimp appetizer with mango sauce, which was great. Coconut shrimp has become comparatively popular in this area since I first tried it on the Outer Banks, six or seven years ago. Most of what you find here is heavily breaded and overly sweet, but the shrimp at Blu were perfect.
We shared a special chocolate Merlot tart, which had a pate sucré (sugar dough) crust with a chocolate ganache filling containing Merlot. It was deliciously smooth and decadent. Apparently, it was a big hit on New Year's Eve and hopefully they will be adding it to their dessert menu soon.
I also had most of a chocolate brownie with ice cream. It was nice and soft. Amazingly, I did not tire of eating chocolate desserts after devouring two in a row. Of course, I did have help.

On January 16th, at 7pm, they will be having a "Pirate's Feast", a wine dinner with a pirate theme. It will be co-hosted by Wine Authorities and they will select and talk about each of the featured wines. It will cost $45 for the wine and four courses. One of the anticipated offerings will be duck confit over sauerkraut, which I'm sure will be delicious. It sounds as if diners will have the opportunity to enjoy their meals in costume, so I'm betting that it will definitely be a memorable evening. Reservations are required.

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