Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun at the American Tobacco Campus

This afternoon my department had the equivalent of our holiday party, because we never seem to have time in the vicinity of the actual winter holidays.
We went over to Tyler's Taproom where we had a small room reserved. We enjoyed a variety of chips, dips and wings. I was pleased to confirm that the honey-jalapeno wings are not nearly as hot as their "2 beer hot" wings. The most exciting thing that happened was that Google Earth Evangelist was ordering a Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout and the bar sent her a sampling of four different stouts that they thought she should try. There was a creme brulee one that everyone thought was particularly awful and the Duck-Rabbit was voted best by all. Duck-Rabbit is brewed in Farmville, NC, which is very close to Greenville.

I go over to the American Tobacco Campus, where Tyler's is located, about once a week for meetings, but I'm usually in a rush. As we were leaving today, I decided to take a few photographs. ATC has this man-made "river" flowing throughout the campus which had to be shut down to reduce water loss due to evaporation during the drought. There still has to be some sort of power trip associated with turning off a river.

The person ahead of us in line for the parking deck elevator needed to go to the sixth floor, so I managed to get this shot in while she was getting out.

I've been meaning to take a photograph of this for a long time. If you look closely at the metal handicapped sign, you will notice that it's van accessible. I was actually there the day that they got carried away while painting.

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