Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sensational Skeedaddle and Sustenance

This Sunday, an incredible event will occur. It's somewhat akin to the moon and several planets aligning on a clear and cool summer evening. On Sunday, September 16th at 11am, everyone will get a chance to hear and watch the talented musicians of Skeedaddle perform while simultaneously eating Nosh pancakes.

Back in May I wrote about what a wonderful time I had seeing Hugh and Anastasia perform in their band, Skeedaddle, so I am truly looking forward to listening to that toe tapping music once again while having an excellent brunch at Nosh. I hope many of my dear readers will take the time to stop by to enjoy that groovy combination with me. If you don't feel like eating breakfast, then I heartily recommend the SRP pizza, substituting chicken for beef. They also sell both IZZE and locopops!

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