Sunday, September 09, 2007

Maki Magic at Mount Fuji

Friday night, I went to Mount Fuji Asian Bistro for dinner. Of the sushi places that I go to on a regular basis (Kurama and Cafe Zen), it probably has the third best sushi. Unlike the others, where I primarily get nigiri, I enjoy their rolls best. They sometimes put a lot of effort into presentation when one orders several more rolls.
My favorite Mt. Fuji roll is the Wasabi Roll, which has quite a kick. In fact, on Friday, I could feel it in my scalp with almost every bite. That was unusually strong, but very good. This time I also tried a Rainbow Roll, which I hadn't ordered from anywhere in years. I thought the two types of rolls would be a good combination and I was right. I'm very fond of their eel and avocado Caterpillar Roll, but I didn't feel like eating anything that sweet at the time. Generally, when I'm feeling adventurous (most of the time) and I'm ordering a variety of rolls, I ask for them to leave off the "spicy sauce", because it tends to obliterate all of the subtle flavors in the fish.

Here's another example, from early August. The rolls and the salmon roe were great, but the mackerel nigiri was way too pickled for my taste. I'm a big fan of the mackerel at Kurama.

I think the interior, like many of the restaurants in Brightleaf Square, is lovely. Unlike Kurama and Cafe Zen, they have lots of tables and there's an option of sitting outside when it's nice out, or even when it's unbearably hot. I've never tried any of their non-sushi entrees, but my dad seems to enjoy them. One of the main reasons why I like to go Mt. Fuji, however, is my favorite waiter, Danny. He puts an enormous amount of charm and energy into his job, always has plenty of political jokes (you can guess which flavor from my blogroll) and commiserates when times are rough. (When haven't they been, in the last seven years?) He worked at Taverna Nikos for a long time and I knew I could always look forward to his laughter during our frequent visits there.

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