Tuesday, September 04, 2007

ACME: My Favorite Restaurant

I've been going to ACME Food & Beverage Co. since the summer of 1998. It's hard to believe that it's been that long and that they've only continued to blossom since then. When I first started going there, the long departed Pyewacket was my restaurant of choice, but I started frequenting ACME far more. Not only is the food superb, but the service my family has received has always been beyond excellent. We look forward to seeing Scott, Brian and Paul when we visit. The owner and chef, Kevin Callaghan, also has an almost weekly newsletter filled with humor and information about the weekend's specials. We miss it if he skips a week.

Sunday night, I experienced yet another delightful evening there. It started out with their delicious bread, which has varied over the years. My all time favorite was when they served the lightest and softest rolls, fresh out of the oven, but I consistently ended up eating so many that it became much more difficult to eat dessert.

I always check the dessert list first and Sunday night I determined that I wanted to have the turkey fig tart. I've had several of them before and I knew I loved them. I wasn't in the mood to share one, so I chose a small plate of housemade shrimp ravioli for my entree. They were fantastic.

The tart itself was just wonderful. Its fresh figs were sweet, but not excessively so, and they were perfectly combined with amaretto mascarpone cheese and toasted almonds.
My parents' selections of pork tenderloin and crab cakes were particularly nicely presented as well.
I look forward to many many more celebrations and fabulous informal dinners at "our" table near the bar.

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