Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Not Yet

As my laptop ages, I keep considering how and when I should replace it. As more and more machines are released, I've become more indecisive. Should I get a Mac? Should I stick with Windows? Should I get a desktop? Should I get a UMPC? In the past year, all I've managed to decide was to get a new Treo 700p and switch to Verizon, but that's still just a phone.

Today's release of the new iPod touch didn't make that decision any easier. I'd been figuring that I wouldn't worry about the iPhone until they opened it up to new carriers, which, unless they break their contract with AT&T, wouldn't be for almost two years. Of course, I should have predicted that they would release a non-phone iPhone.

Well, the problem is that it's not really an iPhone sans the phone. It doesn't have many of the features that make the iPhone desirable. It doesn't have the awesome speakers or 3rd party applications. In fact, looking at what Fake Steve succinctly lists as what's missing from the iPod Touch, it's easy to see what my Treo 700p has that the iPod Touch doesn't:

  • microphone
  • Bluetooth
  • card slots
  • speakers
  • 3rd party applications (for me that means IM, Twitter, etc.)
  • Google Maps
  • phone
  • camera
Yet once again I can triumph in deciding to do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, that means that my dream of having an ultra-portable Wi-Fi device with a fully functional browser while carrying around a teeny little phone will have to wait a little longer.

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