Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Raining Over Here!

Only a few readers who are also amateur radio operators will truly appreciate the title of this post. When Skywarn nets are activated, there are invariably people who call in with their radios and announce that it's raining where they are. During severe weather, reports should generally be limited to reports of hail that is dime sized or greater, tree and structural damage, flooding and funnel clouds.

In any case, it certainly has been raining over here and it seems rather significant. I can't recall a time when people were more excited about rain. I got e-mails saying that I should go outside on the quad and enjoy it. People came up to my cube and said, "Look! Lenore! It's raining! I'm wet!" We've had the hottest summer on record in terms of how many days we endured above 90 and we hadn't had widespread rain in months. The swarms of yellow jackets on campus were very cranky while I was attempting to eat my lunch today. We needed this.

While I was driving home, it was really coming down and there was quite a bit of water standing on the road, but we probably only got half an inch or so. We need so much more.

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