Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's Gone To The Dogs

As I've mentioned numerous times, I don't eat beef, for a variety of reasons. Since I love hot dogs and most sausages, that used to seem almost depressing. Fortunately, I've recently found excellent substitutes.

Pauly Dogs, on Duke's campus, introduced me to veggie Morningstar Farms hotdogs, which I find just as good as beef hot dogs, but so much healthier. I've become a Pauly Dogs addict, since Pauly has come up with such creative combinations of toppings. I just hope he'll offer some vegetarian or non-beef chili someday.

Aidells makes all natural chicken and apple sausages, which are superb. The sweetness of the apple and fruit juices obliterates any bitterness from the chicken. They are free from preservatives, hormones and antibiotics. 160 calories for a large 100g link doesn't seem too shabby either. They even microwave well. Around here, Aidells sausages are available from CostCo and Harris Teeter. According to their website, they actually have 22 varieties, but I don't know how many of those are easy to find.

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  1. please don't post tasty-looking food when I haven't had lunch! ;-)