Sunday, September 23, 2007

Barbecue Pilgrimage: A&M Grill

Whenever my brother comes to visit, we have to go to at least one barbecue joint. For the last couple of visits, we've gone to A&M Grill, in Mebane. They have high-quality pit-cooked barbecue, but I have mixed feelings about their tomato-vinegar based barbecue sauce, because it's on the sour side. Their coleslaw is also laden with vinegar. On occasion, I'm in the mood for a ascerbic sandwich, but yesterday was not one of them.

Instead, I ordered a bowl of brunswick stew with a side of onion rings. The stew was somewhat thick with thoroughly shredded chicken and vegetables. The overall effect was slightly sweet. I enjoyed it a great deal and will make it my meal of choice there. Their onion rings are consistently excellent, but greasy. What good onion rings aren't greasy?

I didn't try any hushpuppies, because I had more than I could eat already, but they are always good there. Their sweet tea was also good. It's not Refectory sweet tea, but it was drinkable. I just can't drink the syrup like I used to.


  1. I miss Carolina BBQ! And hushpuppies, yum.

  2. So come back and visit! :)