Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kurama Japanese Seafood, Steak House and Sushi Bar

When most people think of Kurama, I suspect they think of it as a steak house. It's a huge restaurant with traditional hibachi style grills. They do a good job and put on a fun show, but I go there for sushi. In my opinion, they have the best sushi in Durham.

Look at these beautiful nigiri pieces. I almost always have mackerel, yellowtail, salmon and eel. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I tend to judge sushi restaurants by the quality of their mackerel. Kurama's is very fresh and not pickled or dry. Their yellowtail is buttery and delicious and their eel is nice and crispy. When I go with a larger number of people, it's fun to get a variety of rolls and nigiri, but this is what I get when I'm ordering for myself or two people.

I've been going there for eight years and it's where I was first introduced to sushi. My favorite roll is their Wizard Roll, which used to always be on their special board, but is now on their regular menu. It's shrimp tempura with eel and avocado. It's similar to a caterpillar roll or a sweet dragon roll at other places, but way better.


  1. Give Sushi Love at Erwin Terrace on Erwin Road a shot -- their sushi seemed equally fresh when tried Tuesday night -- especially good salmon, yellowtail and tuna sashimi. And, it's buy one, get one free on all nigiri, sashimi and rolls (best cost value would be to order either all rolls or all nigiri/sashimi, as the specialty rolls run in the $10-12 range -- a bargain at half price, though!)

  2. Pudtan9:56 PM

    I love Kurama the best for sushi too. I have been eating there for 2 and half years since I moved here.
    I always go there almost every week.
    What I always get is Chirashi Don which is a big bowl of sushi rice on top with astorted fish, shellfish, a piece of eel,
    seaweed salad, salmon roe, and sweet egg. This dish contains a little bit of everything. It also comes with a cup of miso soup.
    They can make so many traditional
    Japanese dish that upon your request if they are not busy.

    Their lunch sets are also great.

    This restaurant is the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Durham in my opinion.

    I have also tried Sushi Love.
    Their sushi rolls are good and now under the promotion. I think I will go there for lunch more. :)

    I am glad that I see another person that love Kurama like me.

  3. Oh, no. Now i'll never find a table at Kurama.