Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blu Blogging: Gazpacho and a New Dessert

After a really long and hot day, Blu Seafood and Bar was the perfect destination. My Most Faithful Reader chose a sashimi grade marlin special, which was served with a chilli sauce. Since she has to avoid peppers, she instead asked for the sauce that is normally on their yellowfin tuna tartare, a slightly sweet miso-vinaigrette. I tasted the marlin and it was excellent and my MFR was extremely pleased. She doesn't exactly go out of her way to eat raw fish, so this was definitely remarkable.

A new addition to their menu is the sautéed diver scallops with mango salsa, Cuban black beans, and fried plantains, which my 2nd MFR ordered. The scallops, as usual, were wonderful. He ate all the plantains before I got a chance to try any.

I got a dozen of the blue point oysters, since all of their raw oysters are half price on Tuesdays. I also ordered a bowl of their gazpacho, which contains dungeness crab. It was very good and refreshing. It was particularly nice, because the gazpacho didn't overwhelm the delicate crab flavor.
Chef Tim Lyons has developed a creative new addition to the dessert menu, pineapple spring rolls. They are effectively pineapple pieces covered in coconut macaroons, wrapped into spring rolls, deep fried and served over raspberry and mango sauce with vanilla ice cream. It was, as I'm sure you can already guess from the photo and the description, delicious.

They have two particularly exciting events coming up, another shellfish bake on July 30th and a Maine lobster feast on August 6th.

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