Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sitar India Palace

A few days ago, I checked out the buffet at Sitar, which many think is the best in Durham. I'm pretty sure that most people also think that if you want truly excellent Indian food, you need to go to Cary. I don't recommend that people go to Cary often, so you know that when I do, it must be worthwhile, right?

The food at Sitar is certainly spicier than both Dale's and Taste of India's, but still quite mild compared to what I've valiantly eaten elsewhere. I thought it was quite good. I also enjoyed the kheer, which was just ever so slightly thicker than what I recently ate at Dale's.

Outside, there is the added entertainment of watching and listening to the demolition for the University Marketplace. Valerie, over at We Love Durham, took some photos just two days before I was there. The strip mall looks post-apocalyptic with Sitar as the only sign of life. Last month, Kevin, at Bull City Rising, reported from just outside Sitar and reflected on the lifecycle of the strip mall and that area of Durham.

Sitar will soon be opening a new location, at 3630 Chapel Hill Blvd., in the location of the former Lone Star Steakhouse.


  1. Thanks for the info about Sitar India Palace, Lenore. We were just talking about them yesterday and wondered where they were going.
    Sitar India Palace is my favorite place for Indian food in the Triangle. The buffet has really all you need for a great Indian dinner. Everything ALWAYS tastes fresh, and of the 20-30 times that I've been there, I never had anything that I didn't like. Some friends and I checked out Taste of India Friday night. I had the Goat Curry. We all had different dinners and everything was good, but I'll take Sitar over them any day.

  2. blueheron6:58 PM

    I am very confused about what Sitar is doing. I just called them and they said that the Chapel Hill Blvd. location will be a second location, and that they are keeping the original location open too while the complex is being rebuilt. This seems to be what the News Herald article suggested a few months ago too, and what their website states.

    Isn't this a bit...strange, considering that the second location will be a mere mile away, if even that, from the old one? Why continue to operate both?

  3. I agree that it's extremely strange. It's not as if they are going to get a lot of traffic near their old location during the renovation.