Saturday, February 02, 2008

Library of Chocolate

For our next exploration of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, it's time to try the "An Aphrodisiac Library of Chocolate Love Spells". In other words, this is a sampler pack of half ounce chocolate bars. Note that each bar is 1/6 of the weight of a full-sized bar.

The chocolate bars are terribly cute and are basically miniature versions of their full-sized bars. There are five different kinds and four duplicates.

The five kinds of bars:

  • Barcelona - 41% cacao with hickory smoked almonds, grey sea salt and deep milk chocolate. This was probably the one I liked the least, but I did like it. It was just the saltiest.
  • Black Pearl - 55% cacao with ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds and dark chocolate. This was very good. The ginger and wasabi were very mild and the sesame seeds added a nice texture.
  • Naga - 41% cacao with sweet Indian curry, fresh coconut and deep milk chocolate. I tried this last and it tasted very sweet after trying all of the others. The coconut and curry are great in this.
  • Oaxaca - 75% cacao with guajillo and pasilla chillies and Tanzanian bittersweet chocolate. This was probably my favorite or at least tied for best. It was the spiciest and the chillies almost tasted slightly fruity to me. It left my tongue with a mild burn, which was pleasant. This was, by far, the best bar of any brand I've tried with such a high cacao content.
  • Red Fire - 55% cacao with Mexican ancho and chipotle chillies, Ceylon cinnamon and dark chocolate. This has been my favorite bar for a long time, because I love the combination of the cinnamon and the peppers. It's the perfect level of spiciness.
All in all, I would highly recommend this as a Valentine's gift. It's not frou-frou and it will give your valentine informed choices, without their having to bite into a nightmarish cream-filled center unawares.

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