Sunday, February 17, 2008

Watts Grocery Blogging : Brunch

Saturday, around lunchtime, I went to Watts Grocery. I've been wanting to try their churros for a long time and I was by no means disappointed. They are basically donuts that are leavened only with eggs. They were coated in sugar, crunchy and soft in the middle. They were very fresh (hot) and served with a chocolate dipping sauce. If given a choice between churros and beignets, I would pick beignets, but they were very good. I'm just a big fan of yeast.

I ordered the completely configurable Watts breakfast, which was amazing. I got it with hashbrowns, bacon, over-easy eggs and a biscuit. The hash browns were effectively a thin potato pancake and they were browned to perfection. They tasted as if they were fried with just a bit of onion. They were absolutely wonderful and I'd like to have a plate full of hash browns as my meal. Well, that would be true, except I'd also want bacon. The bacon was thick and juicy like no other I've ever had. Aaron, our waiter, explained that all their meats were cured exclusively for the restaurant, so the bacon couldn't be found anywhere else.

Half of the $4 order of churros and the $7 breakfast plate were way more than I could eat. In the future, I'll want to either split the churros with more people or just order the breakfast plate. I think it was a steal considering the quality of the food and the service. I can't wait to go back.


  1. Dang, those are some nice looking churros.

    Here in Merida, you will find churro carts pretty much frickin' any time/place there's street food -- which is to say every Saturday (almost all day) and every Sunday (all day) on the town square, and lots of other places.

    I suspect that the Watts Grocery churros taste better than the ones I'd find here. But now you've inspired me to try the locals. I suspect I'd be best off if I bought some early in the day when the oil is fresh. But that would mean getting up early, so (almost) no dice. Except maybe next Sunday -- I've promised a friend I'd get up early to see the fish markets getting set up.

  2. I've been meaning to try this place out, but I always manage to get swayed by the promise of Elmo's when I meet Durham friends for brunch. Also, I just found out today that Rue Cler has beignets for brunch, so now I have to add that to my list too.